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Fecha de publicación: Jul 23 rd 2017

Titulo: Deepwater Horizon

Año: 2016

Duración: 107

Resumen: This dramatization of the 2010 catastrophe on the titular oil rig also chronicles the 12 hours leading up to what became a colossal man-made disaster.

Titulo: Ted 2

Año: 2015

Duración: 115

Resumen: To save their marriage, Ted and Tami-Lynn decide to have a baby but need John's help to prove in court that Ted is a person and qualified to parent. Adoption isn't an easy process: There's paperwork, home inspections ... oh, yeah, and proving that you're human.

Fecha de publicación: Jul 22 nd 2017

Titulo: Kibaoh Klashers - Season 1

Año: 2017

Duración: 23

Resumen: Young beetle Dylan and his friends Hailey and Ollie team up to compete against tough opponents in the exciting, high-octane sport of Battle Blading. They're rookies in an action-packed sport. But with teamwork, courage and smarts, these young bugs can become champions.

Titulo: Last Chance U - Season 2

Año: 2016

Duración: 55

Resumen: In a docuseries set at one of NCAA football's most fertile recruiting grounds, guys with red flags seek to prove their worth on the field and in class. They dream of being household names. A junior college powerhouse you've never heard of might give them their shot.

Titulo: Ozark - Season 1

Año: 2017

Duración: 58

Resumen: A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million in five years to appease a drug boss. Desperate times call for family unity. Now family night means stacking millions in drug cash inside a cabin's walls.

Titulo: Shark Tank - Season 1

Año: 2009

Duración: 43

Resumen: Ambitious entrepreneurs with ideas they believe will reap huge profits make their cases before a panel of ruthlessly inquisitive, skeptical investors. A successful pitch in the shark tank can make anyone's dream a reality, but half-baked ideas are their favorite prey.

Titulo: Uncertain Glory

Año: 2017

Duración: 115

Resumen: When LluĂ­s, a disinterested Spanish soldier, meets Carlana, he falls quickly in love, but soon discovers that Carlana's true passion is power.

Fecha de publicación: Jul 21 st 2017

Titulo: Meadowland

Año: 2015

Duración: 95

Resumen: After their only child disappears from a service station bathroom, a shattered husband and wife take different dark paths to deal with the grief. Grief and uncertainty over a lost child can be unbearable. This ordinary couple takes that to the limit.

Titulo: Shooter - Season 2

Año: 2016

Duración: 42

Resumen: A highly decorated ex-Marine sniper returns to action to foil an assassination plot targeting the president, but soon finds himself framed for murder. A decorated veteran. A shocking assassination plot. The evidence points to him, but he's determined to defend his honor.

Fecha de publicación: Jul 20 th 2017

Titulo: Amar

Año: 2017

Duración: 103

Resumen: Young Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of first love, as life realities gradually tarnish their idealized notions of romance.

Titulo: Bless the child

Año: 2000

Duración: 103

Resumen: Psychiatric nurse Maggie's ordinary life becomes anything but after she takes in her sister's child and uncovers a frightening truth about the girl. The forces of evil will stop at nothing to take what this little girl has, but she has a powerful ally by her side.

Titulo: Delhis vackraste Hander - Season 1

Año: 2017

Duración: 58

Resumen: A stalled career, failed marriage and receding hairline drive a middle-aged Swedish man to try to revitalize his life by visiting India.

Titulo: Demon Inside

Año: 2013

Duración: 92

Resumen: After suffering a trauma, a renowned psychic rejects her gift and becomes a shut-in, unaware that demons are shut away inside along with her. She turned her back on her psychic powers. Now, a demonic force is hiding in the most terrifying place imaginable.

Titulo: Halla Bol

Año: 2008

Duración: 142

Resumen: Aspiring actor Ashfaque works hard to make his dream come true, and his efforts pay off when he rises to become a megastar in this engrossing Bollywood drama from director Rajkumar Santoshi.

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